It's Time to put the old grip truck out to pasture

KIAK is the first All-in-one All-terrain grip truck built with the independent filmmaker in mind.

It comes packed with everything you need for your next production and because we charge a flat fee, including mileage, you can rent it confidently knowing the price isn't going to change no matter how many lights you pull off the truck.

Some of our Featured Products

Efficient space filled with the very best in video production gear

Sachtler 75 aktiv MS
The Penultimate Tripod
Gemini 1x1 SOFT
Quasar Science Double Rainbow
Linear LED with its two rows of high fidelity RGBX pixels
Anton Bauer Dionic Batteries & Chargers

Taking you to any location

We took the Ford Bronco and turned it into a grip truck because we wanted a vehicle that could get to any set at any time. When you only carry the necessary gear, it allows you to store it all in a vehicle that you want to drive.

Equipped with state of the art grip gear

We partnered with the leaders in the film industry to fill KIAK with the best gear and technology so when you are on set the only thing you have to worry about is capturing your story.

One-Click No-Hassle Rental

While the rest of the production industry has embraced the benefits of our interconnected world, renting a grip truck has remained the same. No more back and forth over the phone, no more PDF’s to read over. Bringing KIAK onto your next shoot for a day or a month is just as easy as saying “Add to Cart.”

We charge a flat fee instead of ala carte

You can be confident the price you see in the rental agreement matches the final bill. Mileage, insurance, everything else is calculated ahead of time. No more add ons mid shoot, no more surprises.

Beyond the traditional equipment, KIAK is Equipped with everything the independent filmmaker needs.

From wheels up to the Martini take, KIAK has everything you need for a successful shoot. It comes equipped with onboard wifi, a Sandisk DIT kit, Live stream capabilities, and 2 way radios. KIAK is your all-in-one basecamp.

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